Trading studio based on correlations established between financial instruments
Earn up to 50% monthly without even getting involved in trading
Calculate your income
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
Innovative trading studio generates an income of 5-20% in any market circumstances.

The historical breakthrough in installing the neural network technology into the code is done with utmost accuracy.

Simultaneous orders filtartion in three timeframes, instant search of correlations and outstanding diversification
A maximum volume of orders
Monthly profit
Currency pairs
to 30
Minimize the risks
Proven average profit of our current clients
Diversification matters
Do things which really matter to You
CM Lab is developed to expand financial capability while You enjoy your life. Devote more time to your family and friends, sports, self-development or traveling. CM Lab is generating you an income even while You are sleeping.
Taking into account market trends and historical data this studio evaluates and estimates all the future flactuations and keeps everything under control.
Fundamental Reliability
Allows to get rif of the idea of drawdowns and get a high stable profit every month
Studio ensures the mind- blowing safety despite of the conjuncture of the market
Personal direct chat with the developers is there for You. Set Your desired trading parametres to achieve Your financial goals.
CM Lab - means
Long story short
Ultimate Risk Management
We have created an innovative cybernetic infrastructure capable of processing information with the highest accuracy and determining stable correlations between trading instruments in advance.
CM LAB trading studios are designed on the basis of a complex module of neural networks used in the space industry for instant adaptation to the constantly changing conditions of the spacecraft flight.
CM LAB is equipped with Stop Loss and Take Profit software orders, with intelligently set goals for each grid of orders. The system is able to diversify the portfolio by 30 assets, trading with tenths of 1% of your deposit
Any CM LAB trading studio is a dynamically changing software product that requires control, optimization and fine–tuning for your personal goals. That is the reason we have created a private individual chat with our developers
Get an access to the trading accounts ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Make certain how does Studio work.
Our manager will demonstrate You the personal trading terminal so You can see the studio efficiency
Select Your CM Lab Studio
CM Lab Start
CM Lab Start is a simple and time-proven setting for small deposits (2-5k $). Two automatic studios simultaneously filter correlation signals and store the profit in flat. Currency pairs only, can make 5-10% every month using pretty conservative trading settings. Can be upgraded to the next level Studio - CM Lab Advanced.
18 595 ₽
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
49 173 ₽
77 500 ₽
or 1 549 USD/Month in installments
or 4 097 USD/Month in installments
or 6 458 USD/Month in installments
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
CM Lab Advanced
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
A deeply upgraded signal filtering system in two timeframes (in contrast with CM LAB start). What is more, it includes 5 self-contained, simultaneously working robots on your deposit! This ensures uncompromising accuracy of entry and exit from trading cycles. And this provides amazing trade security and a 20% increase in yield compared to CM LAB start. Recommended deposit from $6-7k.
27 800 ₽
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
70 100 ₽
110 400 ₽
or 2 780 USD/Month in installments
or 7 010 USD/Month in installments
or 9 200 USD/Month in installments
CM Lab Pro
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
The shining gem of our partners. Multi-currency trading studio up to 24 currency pairs, additional assets as oil, metals and cryptocurrencies. These extra modules maximize portfolio diversification and thus eliminates virtually any market risks. Filtering signals in three timeframes and up to 72 simultaneously functioning robots, earning you money 24 hours a day! Recommended deposits are at least $15k.
60 880 ₽
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
165 012 ₽
330 022 ₽
or 5 073 USD/Month in installments
or 13 751 USD/Month in installments
or 27 501 USD/Month in installments
CM Lab Metals
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
CM LAB Metals is a unique product based on the most profitable and predictable instruments - GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM.
By capturing the best of CM LAB correlation technology, these traditional safe haven assets will make you profit for 24 hours 5days a week.
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
35 847 ₽
105 436 ₽
219 660 ₽
or 2 987 USD/Month in installments
or 8 786 USD/Month in installments
or 18 305 USD/Month. in installments
CM Lab Crypto
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
Innovative trading studio for trading with cryptocurrencies. Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it is perhaps the highest profitable studio of all.
At the same time, our main task was to minimize the risk level to the indicators of Advanced and PRO studios. After months of testing, we have created an optimal configuration offering CM GROUP customers over 1,000 percent per year with a 25% drawdown tolerance. For this reason, CM LAB CRYPTO is an outstanding product.
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
36 720 ₽
108 449 ₽
229 900 ₽
or 3 060 USD/Month in installments
or 9 037 USD/Month in installments
or 19 158 USD/Month in installments
The main indicative tool is BTC (bitcoin), while trading is conducted on ETH (ethereum), altcoins and Cardano.
CM Lab Stocks
Make an absolutely passive income with CM Lab
A cutting-edge trading studio which generates profits on stock market indexes. The instrument is based on the historical data of such instruments as S&P 500, NASDAQ100, etc. and estimates the correlations in the future. First of all, these factors provide unprecedented security. Secondly, high volatility of instruments grants extraordinary profits.
The license duration may affect the discounts and extra bonuses
39 900 ₽
119 293 ₽
252 890 ₽
or 3 325 USD/Month in installments
or 9 941 USD/Month in installments
or 21 074 USD/Month in installments
with a broker company of your choice
any CM Lab studio you prefer
Make profit
and increase your initial investment
3 sleek steps so CM Lab
will always support your financial well-being
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